Go with the flow
Juliana Mamoni
"Vittoria teaches my advanced yoga group and her wonderful personality shines through in her classes. I'm always challenged, and I always leave feeling calm and wonderful."
- Juliana Mamoni
Caro Bailey, aged 75
"When Vittoria took over our elderly yoga class, she slowed everything down and always made allowances for our age and for some disabilities. Her eye was always upon us, looking out for anyone having difficulties or in need of encouragement. It was a pleasure working with her."
- Caro Bailey, aged 75
Hamish Beeston
"Having never tried yoga before and not being blessed with much natural stretch, I was nervous about attending a class. Vittoria, however, put me well at ease from the start and set the difficulty just right for my level of ability. Two months in, my weekly yoga session is a central part of my exercise life. Thanks Vittoria!"
- Hamish Beeston
Janet Craig
"Vittoria D'Alessio is a brilliant and supportive yoga teacher. Always makes time for everyone in the class, with a smile. Would highly recommend."
- Janet Craig
Grant Clark
"Vittoria is a natural and inspiring teacher. I was struggling as something of a beginner and she set me on the right path with her calm and assured style of teaching."
- Grant Clark
Elisabetta Laurence
"I really felt seen as an individual with Updog Yoga—you get amazing personalised attention. I came out feeling calm and wonderful!"
- Elisabetta Laurence
Victoria Hager
"Vittoria is a wonderful teacher! I just wish I lived near enough to come to her classes!"
- Victoria Hager
Heather Orange
"I was lucky enough to experience classes with Vittoria and highly recommend you book with her you will not be disappointed. She is an inspiring teacher. "
- Heather Orange